Subway surfers hack

When playing a game that is as grind-reliant, there is a question that might pop up in your head lớn make things a lot easier: are there any Subway Surfers hacks I could use?

Well, my dear friend, it"s not as simple as one might think. Let"s baông chồng things up a little so I can explain.

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Hacking and finding game cheats really takes the player as far away as possible from what Subway Surfers is supposed lớn be played lượt thích, và to lớn top it all off, it"s also quite punishable. But since we"re discussing the topic, let me start you off with a very clear example of what an actual Subway Surfers glitch might look like.


In this đoạn Clip, the player is abusing a game glitch that lets you basically use your Facebook trương mục lớn clayên the không lấy phí Facebook reward over and over again, by going forth in time on your mobile device by 7 days.

In essence, this is a glitch that lets you abuse the rewards system as many times as you want & claim unlimited rewards. It"s not complicated at all - you just need a Facebook account và to lớn connect it to the game. I recommkết thúc you don"t abuse any such glitches or cheats because it could result in your account being temporarily (or even permanently) suspended.

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However, that"s not all there is - another player found an even more interesting glitch - if we could say that. They are explaining step by step what is happening, in the đoạn phim below:


To try và work around this glitch, however, you will need lớn have sầu some coins and Keys ahead of time. So, it is not as easy khổng lồ pull off from the very beginning, when you don"t have sầu much of either.

This is how this glitch works: it lets you get baông xã all the resources you spend on unlocking various boosters, characters, and skins, and also quickly pass all the season hunt milestones. Basically, anything you spover will be refunded to lớn you as long as you play a short game before, then restart Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers hacks versus no hacks

Of course, hacks can make things a lot more enjoyable, và in the kết thúc, it all comes down lớn how you like khổng lồ play a game. KK B is a YouTuber who recorded their 4h gameplay without using any of the Subway Surfers hacks or boosters even (wow!), và they ended up with a high score of 38.881.650. And if you want to watch their entire journey, it"s right here:


This only shows us that it is very possible, if you have patience và time, to lớn collect tons of Coins & other loot that you"d otherwise use hacks for.

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So decide for yourself - vày you want to lớn train your reflexes lớn be lượt thích KK B"s? Or would you rather follow brainless hacks that could end up getting you permanently suspended in the game? I, for one, rather take my time with it và learn how to enjoy the game khổng lồ the utmost extent.

What"s the take?

To be completely fair with you, there is no reason at all why you should be searching for Subway Surfers hacks. All of these little hacks, cheats, và glitches only take the fun away from this otherwise very competitive sầu và exciting game that"s been thriving for years now!

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