How to fix "idm has been registered with the fake serial number" error quickly

Not free as other tải về accelerators, IDM only allows users khổng lồ use for 30 days. However, there are still pirated versions with giả license keys, & when users use them, Internet Download Manager will report Internet Download Manager errors that have sầu been registered with a giả serial number or serial number has been blocked.

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However, sometimes such “pirated” versions are the main cause of many Internet Download Manager users – IDM và are reported khổng lồ be nhái serial numbers:

Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake Serial Number or the Serial number has been blocked . IDM is exiting .

This is not a serious error, but it is sometimes quite troublesome. In this article we will learn how khổng lồ handle this error without using any other tools or software.

4 ways khổng lồ fix “IDM has been registered with a fake Serial Number”:


How khổng lồ fix idm nhái serial error

Method 1: Fix in IDM”s installation file:

First, you need to lớn disable Internet Download Manager completely , by right-clicking on the IDM icon in the taskbar , then selecting Exit.


Next, find the thư mục containing the installation tệp tin of Internet Download Manager. You can find the following link:

C: Program Files (x86) Internet Download Manager

Look khổng lồ the right window, find the file named “IDMGrHlp.exe” or “IDMGrHlp”, now you can rename the file to lớn whatever name you want, or simply, delete it ( It is best khổng lồ delete it for convenience).


However, this step has not been considered complete. Because when you delete or rename the IDMGrHlp tệp tin, every time you start IDM for use, it will receive sầu a message: “IDM cannot find a tệp tin that is necessary for browser và system integration. Please reinstall IDM”. Continue to bởi vì the following:

Find the tệp tin named “idmBroker” and copy another tệp tin.


Rename the copied file to lớn the same name as the file name just deleted. As in this tutorial, we rename the tệp tin “idmBroker – Copy” to lớn “ IDMGrHlp”. Then Enter to lớn save it.

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Method 2: Change the value in the Registry:

xuất hiện the Start / Run dialog box ( or press the Windows + R shortcut lớn open Run), enter the Regedit tìm kiếm box , then press OK or Enter:

When the Registry Editor window appears, look for the following link:


Looking khổng lồ the right window, you will see:

File “CheckUpdtVm”Double-cliông chồng the file & change the mặc định value in the “Value data” box from “10” to lớn “0”.Cliông xã OK lớn save sầu.

Method 3: Modify the host file:

Go to “My Computer” , select drive sầu C: & find the host file according to the path:

C: WindowsSystem32driversetc

mở cửa this file with “Notepad” or any Text editing program, then copy the following paragraph below the bottom, and “Save” again.

Method 4: Edit in IDMGrHlp file:

Also in the Internet Download Manager installation folder, select the “IDMGrHlp” tệp tin, then right-clichồng & cliông chồng “Properties”.

In the next window, you vị the following:

Select the “Security” tab .In the “Group or user names” section , cliông chồng on User (User Name Users).Clichồng on “Edit”.

In the “Permissions for IDMGrHlp” interface , look at “Permissions for ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES” , in the “Deny” column, select the first “Full control” box , then “Apply”“OK” lớn complete. socks.

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So you”ve got 4 tips khổng lồ fix “IDM Fake Nhái Number” error. After you”ve done something, you need to restart Internet Download Manager to see the results. With these tips, make sure your download acceleration tool will no longer show the original notifications. Or besides, you can refer to lớn & use other không lấy phí download acceleration tư vấn software.

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