Real fixes: this app can't run on your pc in windows 10

Things vì chưng not always go as planned. For instance, a coveted tiện ích may fail to start on your PC và therefore bring disappointment và sadness. Although this might seem quite a drama, we are adamant that there is no need lớn despair: there are plenty of proven ways to lớn fix This phầm mềm can’t run on your PC Windows 10 error – all you need is to have a little patience.

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So, it is time to get your ứng dụng up and running:

1. Resolve compatibility issues

To begin with, let’s make sure you are trying to run the appropriate version of the program in question. The catch is, if you have sầu 32-bit Windows, you can’t run 64-bit applications on your computer.

To kiểm tra which version of Windows you are running, use the instructions below:

Press the Windows biệu tượng công ty key + I shortcut on your keyboard.The Settings tiện ích will open. Navigate to System & select About.

Now that you know which versions of the OS and the CPU you have, check the phầm mềm you wish khổng lồ launch on your computer – you might need lớn switch to lớn its 32-bit version.

On the other hand, you can nâng cấp to lớn the 64-bit version of Windows 10. You can vì that for free. The thing is, the 64-bit version allows you khổng lồ use both 32- and 64-bit apps.

If you wish khổng lồ make the switch, your processor should be 64-bit capable & you should have 64-bit drivers for your hardware ( Driver Updater can update all your drivers to their lakiểm tra versions in just one click).

Now you can perkhung an upgrade:

Go to lớn the Microsoft website, download the Windows 10 media creation tool, & run it on your PC.Once on the Windows 10 Setup screen, navigate khổng lồ the Architecture section và select the 64-bit (x64) option from the drop-down thực đơn.Restart your PC. Boot from your truyền thông and opt for Custom install. Your current version of Windows will be overwritten.Skip the sản phẩm key screen. Then follow the on-screen prompts. Your 64-bit Win 10 will activate itself automatically.

Now you can run your phầm mềm – whichever its version is.

2. Update your OS

But what if your Windows 10 is 64-bit and yet unwilling khổng lồ let your app work? The chances are your OS needs updating. Here is what you should vì in a case like this:

Click on your Windows hình ảnh inhỏ in the lower left corner.Then select the gear inhỏ.The Settings app will open. Clichồng on Update và Security.Once in Windows Update, kiểm tra if there are any suggested updates on the screen. Let them come through.
If there are no updates available at the moment, cliông chồng on the Chechồng for updates button – your Windows 10 will tìm kiếm for the lademo improvements, developments, and patches from Microsoft online.

We hope updating your OS has helped you fix This app can’t run on your PC Windows 10 error.

3. Create a new admin account

If your Win 10 is up lớn date & yet the error persists, we recommend you lớn create a new admin trương mục, since your current one might be corrupt. Follow the instructions below:

Press the Windows hình ảnh sản phẩm key & I simultaneously.Now that you are in the Settings ứng dụng, proceed to lớn Accounts.Move sầu khổng lồ Family & other people & go khổng lồ Other people.
Cliông chồng the Add someone else khổng lồ this PC option.Choose I don’t have sầu this person’s sign-in information.Then select Add a user without a Microsoft account.Enter login credentials for your new admin trương mục.This trương mục will become available in Other users.Select your new tài khoản and cliông xã on Change tài khoản type.The Change account type window will open.Select Administrator from the drop-down thực đơn on the screen.Clichồng OK to confirm your changes.

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Now you can switch lớn your new trương mục by clicking on your tài khoản picture/ibé in the start thực đơn and providing the username và password. Your phầm mềm should run now.

4. Run the copy of your app’s .exe cộ file

This simple and yet effective sầu trichồng has helped many Windows 10 users fix the problem in question. What you need to lớn vày is locate the .exe cộ file of the phầm mềm you want lớn fix, copy this file, và then launch the copy. The ứng dụng is supposed lớn work fine now.

5. Scan your PC for malicious software

No luông chồng so far? In such a situation, consider conducting a full system scan: there is a chance your computer is malware-infected – especially if other malware infection symptoms are present.

For this reason, you can use the built-in Windows Defender khổng lồ scan your PC:

Click on your Windows logo icon. Locate the Settings gear. Cliông xã on it.Select Update và Security & cliông chồng on Open Windows Defender.In Windows Defender Security Center, locate the shield inhỏ in the left pane và clichồng on it.Go to lớn Advanced scan. Select Full scan from the thực đơn.

With that said, you are free lớn use a third-party solution to lớn purge nefarious entities from your PC. In this regard, you are welcome to lớn install Anti-Malware: this powerful tool will scan every nook and cranny of your Windows 10 & remove sầu any suspicious items or entries found. In addition, this utility can work in tandem with another security solution, which is a great way to lớn make your PC protection actually unbreakable.


6. Disable your Proxy or VPN

The point is, your Proxy or VPN settings might be blocking your connection khổng lồ Windows Store.

To disable your Proxy, vị the following:

Open your Start menu and clichồng on Control Panel.Cliông chồng on Internet Options & go lớn Connections.Locate LAN settings. Unkiểm tra Use a proxy hệ thống for your LAN.
Confirm your changes.

Here is how you can disable your VPN connection:

In your Start Menu, locate the Control Panel tile và cliông xã on it.Enter Network và Sharing Center.In the left pane, locate Change adapter settings & click on this liên kết.Locate your VPN connection. Right-cliông xã on it & select Delete.

Relog into your account and try to launch your problematic tiện ích.

7. Clear the cabít and cookies in your website browser & reinstall the problematic app

Your browser’s cabịt & cookies might be behind ‘This phầm mềm can’t run on your PC’ in Windows 10, since they might have corrupted the download of the tiện ích which struggles to run. Therefore, we recommkết thúc you to persize a browser cleanup & install the phầm mềm from scratch. Here is what you should vì if your browser is

Microsoft Edge:

mở cửa your Edge browser.Cliông xã on the star ibé in the top right corner.Then clichồng on the cloông chồng inhỏ.Select the Clear all history option.Then you should kiểm tra the following options:Browsing history;Cookies and saved website data;Cached data and files.Finally, cliông xã Clear and cđại bại your browser.

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xuất hiện your Chrome browser & navigate to lớn its bar.Type: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData inkhổng lồ the bar.Once on the ‘Clear browsing data’ window, configure your browser to lớn delete the following data:Browsing history;Download history;Cookies và other site data;Cached images and files.Select All time as Time Range.Clichồng on Clear data and exit the browser when the process is complete.

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